Hello everyone! Here is Tiago talking. I just had three amazing days with Yoga Gita in this beautiful place in caves in the mountains. It was really profound to have Vijay and Nagaraj sharing their knowledge about Yoga in this place. I am really really happy I had this opportunity to coming to India and spend time with them. And if you are really interested in Yoga, not only the physical part but also the whole holistic approach how Yoga can brin...

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Yoga Gita testimonial by Agnieszka March 1st, 2017

My name is Agnieszka. I am Polish, I live in the Netherlands. The Teacher Training I completed for the second time already with Yoga Gita and I really really enjoyed it, the second time especially because first time everything was very new for me. I actually practiced Yoga already back then for a couple of years but I realized I knew very little about Yoga , but I was always interested to learn it from the teachers in India who are very experienc...

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Yoga Gita testimonial by Remco March 1st, 2017

Hi, my name is Remco De Groot, I am from the Netherlands and since one year I am intensively studying with Vijay Gopala. Last year in January I did the first Teacher Training in Mysore and in the meantime in Holland I was also in the Teacher Training and now for the third time I am in the Teacher Training again in Mysore and what makes you come back every time is that by studying with Yoga Gita you really learn the Science of Yoga and it really g...

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Yoga Gita testimonial by Martine December 1st, 2016

From the first moment I met Vijay Gopala I felt deeply how I want to live the life. Do you want to think about live or do you really want to live the life? That's how Yoga can help you. With Yoga Gita you learn all the aspects of Yoga in a very complete way....

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Yoga Gita testimonial by Mark – The Netherlands July 22nd, 2016

Eventually I decided to attend the Yoga Teacher Training blocks in The Netherlands for personal growth. What I like about it is that it is not only the separate components like asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy. But Vijay Gopala is capable to connect these separate components. This gives a complete overview for me. Mark Beun, 2e blok Yoga Teacher Training in Loenen, Nederland. Yoga Gita, main teacher Vijay Gopala...

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Yoga Gita testimonial by Linda – The Netherlands July 22nd, 2016

So I started my first Yoga education about 15 years ago now. They were learning these asana's, pranayama and how to meditate. They teached me how to do it. After that I started my own journey. For the last several years I started to miss something in my teaching. I missed the basics of Yoga. I was just doing Yoga without a meaning. I wanted to change profession. Then at that moment Vijay Gopala came on my way. I went to his teacher training and s...

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Yoga Gita testimonial by Walter – The Netherlands July 22nd, 2016

My name is Walter, I am from the Netherlands. I am doing this Yoga course for the third time. I was always curious about the saying 'better the world, start with yourself', or knowing more about the Self. And if there is a place where you can learn more about the Self, it's the place to go to Yoga Gita. The teacher is Vijay Gopala, and he is very trustable. He knows a lot about the Yoga science. If you really really want to know more about the Se...

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Yoga Gita testimonial by Erica – The Netherlands July 22nd, 2016

I am Erica, I am from Zwolle, The Netherlands. I practise Yoga for about two years. I met Vijay Gopala several times at workshops and this time I am at Landsmeer (near Amsterdam), we have a retreat this weekend. What I like most about this retreat is that Vijay has a way to explain things so that you can practise them immediately with asanas, pranayama and meditation. So it is very nice to integrate the things that he tells immediately while prac...

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Yoga Gita testimonial by Manuela – The Netherlands July 22nd, 2016

Hello everybody, my name is Manuela, I am from the south of Holland. I am here in a beautiful area nearby Amsterdam and I am visiting the classes of Vijay Gopala this weekend. I like it very very much because for me it is very interesting to listen to and absorb all the philosophy he tells about. And he gives me really much help with my way of breathing, to control my breath during the asana's. And actually I want to tell you much more about it b...

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