4 weeks of 50 hours

The 200 hours Teacher Training is divided into 4 blocks of 50 hours. Learn the authentic Yoga practice and philosophy with Indian Yoga master Vijay Gopala, Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

The true essence of Yoga
– an essence that has the ability to bring
real transformation to a person.
Vijay Gopala


The 50 hours blocks are intensive programs designed not only to give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to teach Yoga but also the opportunity to explore your inner being.

Yoga Gita offers a complete and contemporized approach based on the ancient philosophical Yogic concepts: Yoga “as it is”. Your practice will be guided to freedom from different forms of restrictions we have at body, breath and mind level. Bringing you a way to practice that will leave you radiating health, peace, love, and happiness.

The real success in life is to bring an energetic expression of your presence, not influenced by any concern of physical or mental past. The strength of our 200 hours course is that we provide you the platform to bring your practice and daily life to this direction.

No matter what level of yoga you practice, your age or your flexibility, feel free to step into this 200 hours training wherever you are.


    • Practicing postures from the angle of the 5 sheaths:
    • body, breath, mind, wisdom and soul
    • Exploring and analyzing principles of alignment
    • Traditional philosophy including Yoga Sutras from Patanjali
    • Deep study of the breathing pattern
    • Effective techniques for meditation
    • Chanting trainings
    • Life skills to lead a happy and contented life by valuing what you are
    • Guidance on how to improve and enhance your teaching skills


Dates for the 50 hours blocks in 2020 in The Netherlands.

Tuesday evening till Sunday afternoon
Block 1 : 28 April till 3 May
Block 2 : 26 May till 31 May
Block 3 : 30 June till 5 July
Block 4 : 21 July till 26 July

New dates for 2022 will be announced soon.


The fees for each block of 50 hours are € 450,-. This amount is excluded from accommodation & food.

It is possible to attend the blocks as an Intensive 5 days Yoga retreat with 10 hours of teaching a day. A combination of blocks in The Netherlands and India to complete the 200hrs course is an option we would like to offer to you.

Subscription for only one block is also possible. As well as to attend parts of the day, for example, the morning or afternoon program. If you wish to stay only for a weekend or (parts of the) day please do let us know by writing an email to info@yogagita.org.

The blocks will be held in a beautiful surroundings of a old monastery. The address and location is the Dominicanenklooster in Huissen, Stadsdam 1, 6851 AH Huissen.

During the 5 days program it is possible to stay for the nights from Tuesday evening till Sunday. It is possible to stay in a single or double room, or in the dormitory. By registering you can select the option including or excluding accommodation.

Registration without accommodation includes one meal a day. Once we received your registration we will get in touch about your preference regarding the type of accommodation.


Vijay Gopala (and other trained teachers) will share the wisdom of this rich subject with you in this unique Teacher Training in The Netherlands. Vijay has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years and has an in-depth knowledge of the subject coming from the ancient yogic texts. His clarity on every aspect of Yoga and yogic life make him not only a great teacher to study with but also a great individual to interact with.

To learn more about Vijay’s approach to teaching click here.


For your registration please get in touch with us by email info@yogagita.org, also if you have any questions feel free to write to us.


28 April till 3 May 2020 (50 hrs) New dates for 2021 will be announced

26 May till 31 May 2020(50 hrs) New dates for 2021 will be announced

30 June till 5 July 2020(50 hrs) New dates for 2021 will be announced

21 July till 26 July 2020 (50 hrs) New dates for 2021 will be announced

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Yoga Gita is recognized as a Registered Yoga School 200 hours (RYS) by Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP). This course is of the highest standard. All our graduates may use the title 'Registered Yoga Teacher' (RYT) as a sign of quality training when they register with YAP.

Sri. Vijay Gopala is recognized as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP). This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by YAP.