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In this blog I decided to write a little something on the various important aspects of self-practice. As yogis in building, we all dedicate some time daily to the practice of Yoga. And we seek not only fitness but much more. Just some thoughts on how should we approach our daily practice.

It is generally advised to start our day with Yoga practice and hence it should be preferably done in the very early hours of the morning. Also, a combination of asanas, pranayamas and mediation is suggested for a daily practice.

The first thing then that I can think of is “Surrender and Accept”. These are the qualities that should form the basis of one’s routine practice. When one approaches the yoga mat, he should let go of all fears, all expectations, all comparisons and all targets. One should start his practice like a clean board each and every day. And then fill his practice with utmost devotion, devotion towards the nature, towards the self and towards this entire creation. One should always remember that he is a divine soul and that yoga is just a pious journey towards remembering that and bringing it into experience.

There is thus no effort, no strain needed at all. Yoga does not require any force. Everything should be done with ease and comfort. One should enjoy his daily practice and go with the flow, not straining the body or the breath.

Another important aspect while practicing is to let go of your personal prejudices towards certain asanas or pranayamas. For instance some people prefer doing asanas over pranayamas or may be vice versa. And then sometimes people mention their love for a certain posture or for a particular series of postures. One should not let these personal biases dominate one’s practice. Yoga should be practiced in totality, in completeness and hence should be kept free from these inclinations.

Next comes consistency. It is very important to have a regular yoga practice. This regularity is the key thing that assures that we do not forget our “real self” and lose our center as we function as a part of this creation. Yoga is that beautiful reminder of who we really are. Let it add some beauty to your life daily.

And of course we should practice with awareness. Once you are on the yoga mat try to be aware, try not to indulge in thinking but be aware of the thoughts that arise in your mind. Be aware of your body, of your breath and of your mind. This would give you a chance to connect and be one with your “inner self.”

Love your practice, do it with joy, do it with contentment, do it with faith and enthusiasm. Try to add quality to your practice and not just quantity. And finally be grateful for this wonderful gift called Yoga.

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