sadhana program

What is the Sadhana program?

“The word “Sadhana” means a dedicated way of life towards a higher spiritual goal. The “Sadhana” program of Yoga Gita provides the Sadhakas (the spiritual seekers) with the space, the environment and the facility for spiritual growth. This program has been designed to offer the opportunity to everyone who is on the spiritual path to study, to practice and to understand the Self.”

Who can attend the Sadhana program?

Anyone who has an intention to get exposed to a true spiritual environment beyond any faiths and beliefs is welcome to join.

When can I attend the Sadhana program?

Sadhana program runs throughout the year. You can join and leave the program at any day of the year. Throughout the year we have people coming and doing their practise. Meet others alike and feel free to just be.

If you worry about the weather, you should know that Mysore has the best climat ever. As the city is located in the tropics, it enjoys a moderate climate with temperatures in the summer (april-june) between 20-35°C. In the winter season (short period during dec/jan), it gets colder at night but still warm during the day. Usually, temperatures vary between 12° C to 30° C.

What is included in the Sadhana program?

  • Accommodation based on shared or single room;
  • Two sattvic meals per day;
  • Free access to daily drop in classes;
  • Free drinking water in the Yoga hall;
  • An opportunity to experience a Self awareness project environment;
  • Your life expression will be happening being part of the global transformation programs of Yoga Gita;
  • Time to know the local culture;
  • Access to spiritual library;
  • Facility to use the Yoga hall for Self practise;
  • To attend guest lectures;
  • Participate in Satsang happenings;
  • Opportunity to grow being in between the community having balanced approach towards life.

Two options for the Sadhana program

If you are interested in the Sadhana program we have two different options for you. You can choose to dive into the subject with volunteering (1) or without volunteering (2).

Volunteering Sadhana

If you are interested in getting involved into spiritual projects, as well as experiencing a day to day life in a Yoga community and participate to its expansion, the volunteer Sadhana program is for you. A minimum of 3 months is required to allow you to get immersed into Yoga Gita’s family and find your own rhythm amongst us. Most of the time the work is based on creative projects which involves Self evolution. Normally the work assigned will be what you love to do. Yoga Gita will not act from the background that some work has to be squeezed through another human being. The whole system will run with love and affection as a base having sufficient time for self practise. The work will come as 22 hours per week.

Volunteer Sadhana is much more than a regular volunteering program. We would love to give every spiritual being the freedom to practise, to meditate and to dive into the subject of Yoga for as long as you wish. With this vision, we offer you a basic price per month. You can choose either for a shared room or a single room.

Regular Sadhana

For the ones who would like to get deeper into the practice, the Sadhana program is also available without volunteering.

Prices Sadhana program


Price per month

  • Single room $ 500 (USD) / € 475 (Euro)
  • Shared room $ 370 (USD) / € 350 (Euro)

Price per day

  • Single room $ 18 (USD) / € 17 (Euro)
  • Shared room $ 14 (USD) / € 13 (Euro)


Price per month

  • Single room: $ 740 (USD) / € 710 (Euro)
  • Shared room: $ 620 (USD) / € 590 (Euro)

Price per day

  • Single room: $ 30 (USD) / € 29 (Euro)
  • Shared room $ 25 (USD) / € 24 (Euro)

* Day prices for extra days exceeding the month.
(note: having the upper limit of the monthly price)

Terms and conditions

  • Children below 12 years pay 75% of the prices given.
  • Excluded in the price of the Sadhana program are the Teacher Training classes. It is possible to attend sessions of the TTC but this comes with an extra cost.
  • For the volunteering Sadhana program the minimum stay is 3 months.


If you are interested in joining us in Mysore please fill in this registration form. We will contact you once we receive your registration.

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