Christa Toenhake – The Netherlands

Christa Toenhake – The Netherlands
My name is Christa, from the Netherlands. I am one of the students of the 200 hours Teacher Training Course (TTC) in Agonda, 2014. I subscribed for the course predominantly from the point of personal development. I wanted to develop my yoga and meditation practices further; get to know more about the background and experience a deeper meaning in the practice. This all to change my approach to life, how I live this life or how my life is lived, in a quick and distracting society with yoga as the cornerstone.The teachers of Yoga Gita presented hatha yoga to us with a smile, patience, songs and stories, drawn from their own experience and knowledge, gradually introducing us deep into the subject. Important aspects were carefully dug out, discussed and more than once the whiteboard was almost too small to handle. They planted seeds, some of which sprouted immediately while others still lie dormant, waiting for the right moment to pop open.

So, I did, and at least at the moment, do not intend to become a yoga teacher, nonetheless, the course was an amazing experience. It is difficult if not impossible for me to put it into words. While the course was running, I already realized how precious the happening was and that it was one of the best things that was happening/happened in my life.

FIRST NAME : Christa
LAST NAME : Toenhake
COUNTRY : The Netherlands
CITY : Nijmegen
AGE : 25

PhD at Radboud University Nijmegen.

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