Denise Bindels – The Netherlands

Yoga is the most beautiful way of living. To teach other people is to do it from your own experience and from your own heart, only then you know that you have the right approach to teach other people how you can live your life the way it fits you. The way Vijay Gopala is giving his lessons is through his heart only. It is really easy to follow, you have your own steps which you make in your own time. He gives you the nice experience and a peaceful environment. You have nice talks with him, he guides you through your own process, in your own time. Every step you take, Vijay is there for you, with his warm heart. The lessons are easy to follow, in the west i have never taken lessons as it where never good lessons.

I have met Vijay at a festival in Holland in Rotterdam, when i saw him, 3 weeks later i booked my flight to India and i followed the Teacher Training Course. It was amazing, every movement you have to feel it from your own body, the pranayama’s are amazing when you do it every morning, you feel the difference in your life you feel the improvement in your balance.

I wish that evereybody can experience this is his life. Specially the sun salutation, if you start with it every morning, the rest of the day you will be feeling very light. Enjoy every minute of it, and follow this course, because it really changes your life from the inside.

LAST NAME : Bindels
COUNTRY : The Netherlands
CITY : Rotterdam
AGE : 40

Administrator – Beginner Yoga Practitioner.

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