Lisalotte van der Tas – The Netherlands

Hi, I am Lisalotte. I am from Haarlem, Netherlands. I just attended the 200 hours teacher training course of Yoga Gita here in Mysore in July-August 2015. And I came here to deepen my own understanding of Yoga, its practice and its philosophy and for me I really experienced in Yoga Gita the relatedness of all parts of Yoga, thereby also finding your inner self through asanas, through pranayama, through meditation. For me Yoga Gita really is about the “Why” of Yoga, not just about the “How”;  Especially about understanding why we do the practices, why we stand in certain asanas, why do we do the pranayama. I really feel grateful for being able to attend this course, meeting so many beautiful people and being in the city of Mysore.

FIRST NAME: Lisalotte
LAST NAME: Van der Tas
COUNTRY: Haarlem
CITY: The Netherlands


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