Marie-Pier Leclerc – Canada

My name is Marie-Pier, i am from Montréal, Canada, i have just attended a 200 hours Teacher Training Course with Yoga Gita and i wanted to talk about this great experience. I am a student in nursery sciences in university and i came to do this program with the idea of bringing another side of health approach, a more complete side, just not what is happening in your body but what is happening in your mind as well. What i discovered is that it was way more then a Teacher Training Program. It was in itself a total life experience, which i really enjoyed.By sharing a deep knowledge what is yoga about and what yoga can bring to your life, the teachers of Yoga Gita really bring their students into a real elevation of their consciousness, where they can experience for real what is Yoga and what it can bring to you. It makes you able to dive into yourself, to find your own inner knowledge, to understand how to become a better person and eventually for those who want to become a teacher to become a better teacher. This experience was very very rich.

Everything we need to understand in life, to be more happy, to be more complete, to be more in balance, to be in harmony with existence, meditation, pranayama, your asana practise, it is a total complete holistic way of life and i just really totally recommend everybody to try it once in their life, so, the Teacher Training was really a journey into a better life experience.

FIRST NAME : Marie-Pier
LAST NAME : Leclerc
COUNTRY : Canada
CITY : Montréal
AGE : 26

Student and Yoga teacher for 3 years.

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