Testimonial 200hrs by Emily

So I am Emily and I’m from Belgium. I have been practising Yoga for five years on and off and seriously for 2 years now. I think I just ended up here, it just happened. I think I just always been obsessed with understanding the creation and why we are here and how does that work and I don’t know, deep questions since I am kid. And I just met Marijke and Vijay in another Teacher Training and we connected very well so we decided to come very fast. So here we are and every day I am very grateful and I feel I am very blessed that I met them because actually it just answered a lot of the questions I had. Even though I have been into the subject for a while and wondering and wondering. I think this is a place where the secrets are revealed. Actually it is the only school where I have been to where the philosophy meets the practise on the Yoga mat. And you can really understand how by practising Yoga and the way you are and act on the mat are going to reflect in your day to day life. The approach is really pure, it goes to the core. The philosophy classes are impressive, they are mind blowing, they just explodes everywhere in the room, I can’t stop drinking his words. It is just a wonderful way of teaching. About India, India is a beautiful place, intense full of colour, full of nice people. It is a perfect place to learn because you learn the subject but actually you learn about yourself. You’ve been pushed to the edge of yourself. Being here you learn other stuff as well. Just by being in another culture so different and so extreme. I have been jumping from courses to courses, always wanted to know more and more and at one point I thought maybe we should stop learning and just apply and practise what we learn. But then I came here and I met Vijay and I thought now I know why I have been jumping. I think I didn’t find what I have been looking for before. Now it feels like I found the one who, I hope, will be with me my whole my life. To keep practising, to evolve and to be a better human being with my environment, with my friends and the whole planet and everybody. And really doing Yoga the whole, not only practising, but the whole Yoga philosophy is something magical. It brings you into the magical world, and you start to see changes in you, in yourself and that’s where the magic happens. I am a magic seeker, it is my path and it is my question. And I wanted to say thank you to Marijke, Vijay and Yoga Gita and to all the people I met because I know that they all brought me here right now. Thank you!

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Sri. Vijay Gopala is recognized as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP). This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by YAP.