Yoga Gita testimonial by Agnieszka

My name is Agnieszka. I am Polish, I live in the Netherlands. The Teacher Training I completed for the second time already with Yoga Gita and I really really enjoyed it, the second time especially because first time everything was very new for me. I actually practiced Yoga already back then for a couple of years but I realized I knew very little about Yoga , but I was always interested to learn it from the teachers in India who are very experienced, for who yoga is a part of life. I was interested in the philosophical background and to learn the original Yoga as it has been developed by ancient Sages and who are reading from the books and I was really really happy that I was able to find such School and such teachers. The main Teacher Vijay Gopala and also Nagaraj, they are both senior and Yogis and they are teaching from their heart. They are teaching us how to be evolved human beings, how to be wise in every situation. I learnt that all the body postures and Asanas which we practice on the mat, they actually also have lots of meaning; so we are learning the stability, we are learning stillness of the body, of the mind as well as the breath and this stability helps us to sit in the meditation. So all the body postures were actually developed for that purpose and the stability and stillness you actually also bring to the life. About the school, it’s located in Mysore, in the capital of Yoga so it’s like a Yoga village which has very unique atmosphere. We are gathering all together for food, for travelling. Also this type of teachings is ego less, selfless, purity and wisdom, I think that’s also have influence on what kind of people it attracts. So doing the course for the second time, I have lots of amazing friends. I would like to encourage everyone to at least once in life try teachings of Yoga Gita. Namaste.

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Sri. Vijay Gopala is recognized as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP). This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by YAP.