Namaste, my name is Alice. I am from London, England and I have just finished a one month course with Vijay, with Yoga Gita and I just wanted to share with you guys just what an amazingly transformative experience it has been for me.

I came across Vijay and I am so grateful to the Universe for giving me this amazing gift because in my heart I was looking for a real depth to my Yoga practice. Vijay Gopala has grown up just living Yoga, his father was a Yogi, he comes from a long lineage of Yogis and you can just feel that he breathes and lives Yoga.

He is so blissful and so patient and just the most amazing teacher and he has helped me in so many ways. I have learnt why I was experiencing pains in certain parts of my body which despite all of my effort were not going away and most importantly of all I have really experienced a wisdom and a heart opening that actually has surprised me. he came from such an authentic and deep place and I knew instantly that I wanted to come and do the Teacher Training Course and if you are too thinking about becoming a teacher; perhaps you are already a teacher and you want to deepen your knowledge of the practice and deepen your understanding of the philosophical foundations of Yoga then I can’t recommend this course highly enough. It absolutely will change you and the most important thing I have taken away is just the inner strength to know what Yoga is and to know that I can change my destiny through practice, through discipline, through applying the yogic principles correctly, there’s only one way and that’s inwards, towards the Self, towards eternity, towards bliss and I have experienced elements of this throughout this month, through the morning meditations, through the extensive asana practice, through the afternoon posture sessions, through the pranayama sessions, through the chanting we have been doing, even in a point when we are relaxing and enjoying ourselves during break times.

The fact that you are even watching this video shows that you are a seeker so continue on the path, don’t have a closed mind and don’t go for the obvious, because hot Yoga or beer Yoga or whatever is trendy at the moment you know, naked Yoga, there’s so many kinds of Yoga going on, you know, so much of that is external or it’s marketing or it’s some kind of gimmick to get people in the studio to make money; turning people around, session after session after sessions, selling coconut water and you know hot pants to make money and that’s not what Yoga is about. So come to India or check Vijay’s schedule, he travels all around the world and particularly extensively in Europe so just check out the website and all the best! Namaste.

Alice Copilet- London, UK
Yoga Teacher Training: 30 January – 25 February 2017

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