Yoga Gita testimonial by Erica – The Netherlands

I am Erica, I am from Zwolle, The Netherlands. I practise Yoga for about two years. I met Vijay Gopala several times at workshops and this time I am at Landsmeer (near Amsterdam), we have a retreat this weekend. What I like most about this retreat is that Vijay has a way to explain things so that you can practise them immediately with asanas, pranayama and meditation. So it is very nice to integrate the things that he tells immediately while practising in meditation. That gives a kind of understanding, not only by the mind but by your whole system. And that’s what I like about Yoga Gita very much. And I also really like that he explains things in a way that you see that Yoga is a way of life, it is a science, and it is not just doing the postures but it is much bigger than that. And every time I hear new things, and every time I have a new insight. Maybe I heard it before but this time it arrived. And that’s good. That makes that it is always a nice experience. And also we laugh a lot, so that makes it very nice.

Erica Venus
Retreat Yoga Gita, Landsmeer, The Netherlands.
Yoga Gita, main teacher Vijay Gopala.

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