Hanne Mouritsen – Denmark

Hello, I am Hanne, and I am from Denmark. I am attending the four blocks in Holland of Yoga Gita, and this is the last day of the first block. I discovered Yoga about 10 years ago. I was attending a fitness studio and I was doing a lot of hard training: spinning, running. A friend of mine said that there was a good Yoga teacher. We tried and every week I could feel my muscles getting softer. I stopped all the hard training and did Yoga every day. I thought okay, this makes sense. So I did a Yoga teacher training in Denmark. And began teaching and I have been teaching in Denmark for 3,5 years. Then I reached a state where I needed some more. It was not enough for me. So I started looking in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands. The website of Yoga Gita I really liked. Vijay, our teacher, said some good things on the website.

I contacted Yoga Gita and it was really really nice. Really felt welcome and I decided to join in. Now I am on my last day of the first block. And I am very very pleased. It has been very very nice. Vijay, the teacher, is a extremely good teacher. He is very knowledgable. If you ask him anything he always has a very good answer. He explains the things from different angles. We do a lot of different postures and we analyse them. We not only see the physical benefits, we talk about the deeper meaning as well. It is a lot about not just doing Yoga in a physical sense, but getting in a closer contact with yourself. Working with Yoga in a lot of different aspects. With body, mind and breath. Seeing the body as an instrument to reach a deeper knowledge about yourself. I really have a good feeling this is going to be a good change for me. As well in my life as in my teachings. So I can really recommend.

Hanne Mouritsen from Denmark, after the 1st week Yoga Teacher Training in The Netherlands.

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