Yoga Gita testimonial by Linda – The Netherlands

So I started my first Yoga education about 15 years ago now. They were learning these asana’s, pranayama and how to meditate. They teached me how to do it. After that I started my own journey. For the last several years I started to miss something in my teaching. I missed the basics of Yoga. I was just doing Yoga without a meaning. I wanted to change profession. Then at that moment Vijay Gopala came on my way. I went to his teacher training and suddenly everything fell into place. I have the feeling that the last 10 years I was in kindergarten and now I am on the University of Yoga. That’s my experience now. Here Vijay Gopala is showing you the keys of life. These are the principles you have to learn first. When I practise the asana now, it’s from a whole different prospect. I am not just doing the asana but I am really alert and awake in the asana. I am present. It’s a total different aspect. My body feels much stronger and there are almost no thoughts. I am really grateful and I am really happy that I have met Vijay Gopala. There is so much to learn… It’s a whole life experience and I recommend it to everyone.

Linda de Graaf
2nd week Yoga Teacher Training in Loenen, The Netherlands.
Yoga Gita, main teacher Vijay Gopala.

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