Yoga Gita testimonial by Gregory

“I was immediately very transfixed by Vijay Gopala’s teachings and the communication that he was able to deliver through Yoga. I have never myself come across a Yoga teacher with so much genuine experience as Vijay.

I don’t think Vijay ever intended on becoming a Yoga teacher. He certainly ever intended on opening up a yogaschool and that shows in the way he teaches because he is teaching you like a fellow practitioner and not just a fellow practitioner who is trying to become a Yoga teacher and has become one, he is doing it from someone who has actually lived as a Yogi, was brought up as Yogi and has manifested life as a Yogi. And therefore he is able to translate an awful lot of quite complicated things into a very real life environment. which makes it a lot more easier to digest but also which allows it to resonate an awful lot more because it comes from the perspective of truth rather than that of the manual or teaching course that he has been on.

Yoga beyond styles, it’s the truth, it’s Yoga beyond any marketing or any kind of tailor-made, sandwich-wrapped package that has, you know, been so valuable to us in the west to get this message about inner work, about how powerful our minds are and what control they have over our lives but as with myself I was ready to go that one step further and ready to leave that kind of surface Yoga behind. I am so glad I found Yoga Gita, I welcome you to do the same.

Thank you so much.

Gregory Thomas Morss – London, UK

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