Yoga Gita testimonial by Harmke

I am Harmke, I am from The Netherlands. I got to know Yoga Gita, through the Yoga Festival Terschelling. I was actually looking for a Yoga practice a study that is going in depth. Because some time ago I was doing a Yoga Teacher Training but I couldn’t finish it because I moved to another country. But there I noticed that Yoga is much more than just asana’s. It is more holistic and there are different steps to take in the whole practice. It is also asanas but also meditation and the things you do. It is very broad, it is like life to me, basically. I was looking for an approach like that, or more like a Teacher Training which is directed to that. On the festival I run in to some people who told me about Vijay. And they told me ‘you have to follow a lesson of him’. Somewhere on the field I just met him, I run into him and after three sentences I noticed “Oh you are Vijay. I am going to your lesson.” I told him I was searching something like this. And he told me “if you come to the lesson you will find your answer”. At that moment I was like, of course everything that I will do will lead me more to the answer which kind of Yoga training I want to do. I went to the lesson, and I actually felt immediately that this was the kind of Yoga, I want to learn more from Vijay. And I think this is the right center to learn more about Self practice and everything. So that is how I came on this road. I went to this block of 5 days and I learned many things. I think it is very amazing of hearing Vijay talking about philosophy, meditation and pranayama. I also learned how to chant, I hadn’t had the experience of that before. Doors were opened for me, new experiences. Actually it was really amazing to attend all sessions, the different topics that we talked about. I am just very happy. Now I will go home after tonight, reading through all my papers, and trying to finetuning in Self Practice. In a month coming to the next block and being eager to learn more.

Harmke Heydenrijk
Block 50 hours, 13 – 17 July, Loenen, The Netherlands

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