My name is Heribert Suppanz, I am coming from Germany. And in the moment I am in front of this beautiful cave near Tumkur and I am joining a nice group, a Teacher Training Course from Mysore and it’s with Vijay and Nagaraja Rao and both are very pleasant and competent people and their approach to Yoga is I think quite different than any approaches I ever heard about. This is what I think is very interesting to see for me that if I really want to practice Yoga, I have to understand Patanjali and other literature and other important Spiritual paths in this way. So Spirituality for me is one of the most important things and Vijay says it must be a Yoga beyond Yoga styles and that means for me also how to approach Yoga. And I think it can be only in this way with un attachment and without effort and without any things you want to get or you want to achieve, it must come, it must be without effort as I told and you have to make the Yoga with your Soul and you have to reflect your “Self”, you have to come to your “Self” and reach may be the “Self”, it’s the most important and the “Self”means not to make a copy maybe from any other postures or make a copy of a Guru or make a copy of anything else because you are your own “Self”, you are your own Universe and on this way I am very glad that I could be here in this group with Vijay and with Nagaraja Rao. Thanks a lot and I think I am very glad to be here near Tumkur now in these caves for example to feel the Spirit and the Spirituality of this great path of Yoga. Thank you!

Heribert Suppanz – Wolterdingen, Germany

Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Gita
30 January – 25 February 2017

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