Yoga Gita testimonial by Remco

Hi, my name is Remco De Groot, I am from the Netherlands and since one year I am intensively studying with Vijay Gopala. Last year in January I did the first Teacher Training in Mysore and in the meantime in Holland I was also in the Teacher Training and now for the third time I am in the Teacher Training again in Mysore and what makes you come back every time is that by studying with Yoga Gita you really learn the Science of Yoga and it really gives a deepening in your practice, it gives a deepening in your Asana practice, Pranayama practice and because you know the science behind Yoga you also have like ways to apply everything in your self practice. And what’s also special is like as you develop in Yoga, you can continue learning especially with Vijay because he can bring it to the next step every time you have developed yourself. So that means you can keep on developing and every time you see more the completeness of the Yoga approach and in that sense it also helps to have a lot of philosophy in the Teacher Training. So philosophy is really like what life is about and how you can apply the Yoga philosophy in your day to day life. And it’s not only like you learn practical things, you learn like the deep philosophy that’s in the scriptures, the Vedanta scriptures, the Upanishads, Bhagwad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. And what’s unique is that if you can make the translation to your practice, so that really makes a difference for your practice and that really helps in developing the Yoga inside.

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