Yoga Gita testimonial by Yorah

I am Yorah, from Groningen. I am a Yoga teacher and I also practice Yoga for myself of course. I just did a week of the Yoga Teacher Training with Vijay Gopala. And it was great! It was very special! I learned so much for myself as a person and also as a teacher. But actually to be on this course it is more, I got more in depth with myself than as a teacher. I think that is also again important for being a teacher. But it is more a journey for myself. The way Vijay explains it is so, in a way, confronting also inspiring. Even though it is new information, because I have been doing Yoga for so many years, it is new information. It is another angle of looking at it. For me it doesn’t feel new, but it feels like it is the truth. Yoga is for many people, and also for me, finding peace in your Self, finding more rest, finding to stop the thinking and the restlessness in you; to connect the body, breath and mind. But what this exactly means is hard to find when you practise Yoga and follow classes. And Vijay explains it as a science, a way of life, not as a sport you practice or a hobby or something you do. But something you live, something that is not explaining what is Yoga, but is explaining how does it work in life. It is like science and philosophy. Explaining the world, explaining life, explaining everything in a way, in a very good way, easy to understand. Not easy actually, it is very complex and it is a lot. But you can feel he is helping you to get closer to understand everything. And still I am feeling that I am far away of understanding everything but it is okay, because I know in the end I will understand.

Yorah Hodselmans
TTC 50 hours, 15 – 19 June, Loenen, The Netherlands

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