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Balance is one of the key factors that guides the asana practice of a yogi. It is not only limited to the so called balancing postures, but holds good for every posture. If we observe, human body is perfectly symmetrical, in the sense that the right half of the body is exactly the same as the left half. And this is no coincidence. Establishment of balance requires balancing the right half and the left half of the body in such a way that the body becomes weightless. And why do we want to do that? Because it is only when the body is not felt that there stands a chance of going inside and exploring the more subtle energies. Also, according to yogic philosophy, balancing of the body is a powerful technique that helps to balance the mind.

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This brings us to the point that “balance” and its application is not only limited to the posture practice but extends further to breath and mind as well. Just like the posture practice is guided by balance, so is the practice of pranayama. In the practice of pranayama, which is a subtle practice as it is, establishment of balance at the breath level leads to the experience of the life energy or “prana” by way of dropping of breath.

It is however interesting to note that in the posture practice, merely balancing the right and left half of the body is not the idea. As per the yogic philosophy, balance should originate at each and every unit of the body. If applied properly, this technique of balancing leads to the dissolving of blockages at the body level.

The essence of balance is to lead us to the experience of neutrality. This existence is made up of right and left, good and bad, sun and moon, male and female, that is, the opposites and for the running of this creation, this division is needed. However, the “self” is beyond such divisions. The ultimate truth is oneness. Through the practice of balance in Yoga, a yogi tries to overcome this limitation of duality and experience neutrality.

I would like to bring this topic to an end by quoting my teacher Vijay Gopala, who once mentioned a beautiful line about balance in the class. He said “Balance should not be implemented, it should arise and originate from within.” Let us take it as a reminder and continue our endeavors to experience the ultimate truth beyond any dualities.

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