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Being the most evolved of all living beings, humans with their ability to think have transformed the world. Be it advancements in technology or innovations in medicine, developments are happening in various sectors. We claim ourselves to be free and independent and advanced. But are we really free? Do we have no dependencies at all? It’s time to think from a different angle.

e066bdbc90ed4b7f9c677f09ad66caffHumans, with pure scientific reasoning and logic have accepted the fact that food and oxygen are essential for survival. Of course, this needs no evidence or questioning. However, yoga has a different take on this. It views these essentialities as nothing but dependencies. Yogic philosophy believes that our real self is beyond the physical body. It is only until we continue to identify ourselves with this body and mind that we will need food or breath or even sleep for that matter. It is only until we identify ourselves with our body that we will feel hot or cold or pain or discomfort and it is only until we identify ourselves with our mind that we will experience fear or sorrow or anger. Viewed from a yogic angle, all these are bondages. Anything that limits our experience of wholeness is a bondage, anything that limits our experience of completeness is a bondage.

The aim of practicing yoga is to experience the ultimate freedom via experiencing the ultimate truth. That ultimate freedom state is nothing but Samadhi. In Samadhi, the real self is experienced as it is. That real self is the source of all the manifestation; it is complete; it pervades everywhere and it encompasses everything. It is in the state of Samadhi that we are really free since all our dependencies come to an end.

In my personal experience, I had never imagined that even food, breath or sleep could be considered as “not required”. I had always thought of it as so natural. After looking at things from a yogic perspective, it does make sense to call them as “limitations”. Ageing does not seem natural anymore; sickness does not seem natural too. Of course this does not mean that we give up food and sleep and torture our bodies. Yogic philosophy says that walking the path of yoga, as one goes on becoming closer to the real self, these dependencies naturally go on reducing.
As this chant (mantra) from Yajurveda summarizes

“Om Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornaat Poornamudachyate
Poornasya Poornamaadaaya Poornamevaavashishsyate “

It says “That is complete, This is complete, if you divide completeness from completeness, completeness will remain;
Everything in this existence is complete, everything is a product/result.”

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