Social projects

Indian foundation - SAGE FOUNDATION

On July 28, 2012 Yoga Gita started a foundation to spread the message of Self awareness. To let people, young and old, experience peace, love and celebration inside themselves.

Free education for poor children

In the village where Sri Vijay Gopala grew up, his father always gave shelter, food and care to poor families and children. The family paid for the education of many children. Their father has always been an inspiration. This is the reason we would love to continue his work through this foundation. Every year, since the foundation was established, 40 children are given education and food.

Yoga for children in rural areas

During the Kids Teacher Training program, in 2012, Yoga Gita started off with a Yoga program for children in rural areas in Karnataka, a province in the South of India. Through play there was so much fun in teaching and letting the children experience Yoga and meditation.

Supporting Sages living in caves

The foundation provides and helps spiritual practitioners (Sages) to create a freedom space to do their Sadhana. To give materials to build a small hut where they can stay safe and live freely without any conditionings, regulations or restrictions. For many years Sri Vijay Gopala was living in the mountains and forests in India to do his Sadhana. Through his experience he knows it's importance.

Dutch foundation - Yoga Gita foundation

On July 18, 2016 six Dutch board members and Sri Vijay Gopala as chairman joined their hands together in the Dutch foundation.

Stichting Yoga Gita has been established to bring Self awareness in society to emphasize the importance of creating a space for Self expression. In the present day society of developed countries, with their capitalistic approach, the required space for people to express their Self is not easy. To create awareness and to develop a model of society where people can have a balanced approach in life, having the space for the Self and having important time for outside as well. About this we are planning to publish books, give suggestions for educational institutions and to adopt Self Awareness as part of the curriculum in the educational system. Besides this we love to create audio/visual mediums about the importance of Self Awareness to share with you.


Your donation helps to spread the message of Self Awareness to all human beings on this planet and to spread the love, celebration and peace around the globe for all living beings. With your support we can make the next step in sharing this valuable knowledge online and offline. Thank you.

Please contact if you wish to have more information, to make a donation or if you have questions about your donations.

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