Around the world people are struggling due to the spread of the Corona virus. One of the best precautions to stay unaffected is to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!

Yogic science offers beautiful and simple techniques which brings you to the core of your being from where the expression of the Self happens. Once you have found that free expression of the Self coming from your deepest core, nothing can harm you, nothing can make you suffer, nothing can attack you.

You can live a healthy, joyful, happy, peaceful and celebrating life by developing your immune system in the best way and on all levels of your being including body, energy, mind, wisdom and soul.

Livestreamed sessions


To present this yogic knowledge we have recently livestreamed a series of sessions on how to develop strong immunity against any kind of disease including the Corona virus. These sessions are still available by clicking on the links.


The benefits of the yogic techniques include many other dimensions like promoting the Self qualities of love, peace, affection and the feeling of sister/ brotherhood around the planet.


By collectively overcoming the challenge that Corona virus is posing us, using the yogic science, we can really create a better world.

Time to explode for life

In this session we will understand how the immune system and the expression of the Self are related and how we can increase our immunity by expressing our true nature.

In different positions of the body you will be guided through a meditation process in which your mind will be freed from restrictions, holdings and any blockages which weaken your immune system. This will bring your true Self from the core to the surface by expressing through body, breath and mind.

Self is the reason for all happening

In continuation of the first session we will understand that we can only be affected by Corona due to a lack of immune system, how conditionings of our mind weaken our immune system and how this can be dissolved. By understanding how life manifests we will see clearly how we can develop a very strong immune system in many dimensions, by which we will also develop the strong Self qualities of love, peace and affection and embracing life, we will know how to be ready to face any life situation.

After explaining the scientific concept you will be guided through a meditation process in which the body is taking different positions.

Creation is expression – the pranic layer/ the dimension of prana

The strength of the immune system depends on the expression of life energy. In this third session we will learn about how to develop the immune system from the dimension of prana, the life energy or breath body.

Next to the exposition of the scientific background a pranayama practice in three steps will be introduced. The three components come together as one complete practice.

Package Discover the power of Self expression


In this package we are sharing a full practice which can be applied to boost your immunity. Next to the three livestreamed sessions we will provide you with more material so you can enter deeper into the yogic science and start with your Self practice right away.
We will have a deeper look into the science behind the practice, covering topics like what is the immune system from a yogic angle, the five sheaths of yogic anatomy, the importance of stillness, explanation of consciousness and nature and how manifestation happens, or what is prana and how it is related to the breath. Further you will get more scientific background to the practice of the mentioned pranayama techniques like bhastrika and anuloma viloma. We will guide you practically through the practice so you know how to practice on your own and how to adopt it in your day to day life.
Happy journey, happy practice!



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